A photographer friend and fellow Bonneville owner, Doug McGoldrick, sent me a photo of a 2nd motorcycle he recently purchased. It’s a Honda cb750 that has been obviously modified into a cafe racer. I love the old school paint and graphics obviously inspired by Gulf auto racing car graphics.


Doug’s Honda cb750 cafe racer


Ford GT40 – Gulf Racing graphics

This reminded me of the Honda cb750 that I owned for a year or so before I traded it in on my 2008 Bonneville. It was a 1981 model that a friend and co-worker had sitting in his garage. It didn’t run when I got it from him, and I had to put in a new battery, stator, and a few other things to get it running. Once it was running, I used it to go get my license, and run around town on. It wasn’t very reliable, and wasn’t what I really wanted, so I traded it in on the new Bonneville Black in June of 2008, at Motor Cycle Center, Villa Park, IL.


My stock 1981 Honda cb750