2020 Distinguished Gentleman's Ride

September 27, 2019 - Madison, WI

I participated in the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride again this year on Sunday, September 27, 2020, in Madison, Wisconsin. Because of the China Virus, this years event was a solo ride called “Ride Solo Together”.

Unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate, and it was a rainy, overcast, cool day. I waited until later in the afternoon to go on my solo ride, to avoid getting soaked. I decided to ride to various places in Madison that have some meaning in my life, to provide you a bit of a personal photo journal.

Thank you to all those who supported me in this years ride! You are much appreciated!


First Stop - Vilas Zoo

My first stop was the Henry Vilas Zoo. It’s located about 3 miles north of where I live and has a nice park where I have spent a number of occasions with family and friends.

2nd Stop - Neighborhood Center

Second stop was the Neighborhood Center on Mills Street where I used to spend Tuesday evening at a Bluegrass Jam facilitated by the Southern Wisconsin Bluegrass Music Association. That ended with the China Virus, and I really miss it!

3rd Stop - Greenbush Bakery

Third stop is where I get the best donuts in Madison – Greenbush Bakery. This kosher bakery moved to its current location on Regent Street shortly before the lockdowns. I like to stop for a dozen donuts on Sunday mornings to take with me to share at church.

4th Stop - Edgewood High School - Visitors Entrance

Fourth stop was the Visitor entrance at Edgewood High School on Monroe Street. Up until the lockdowns, I would come here every Sunday morning for church services at Christ Church Madison.

5th Stop - Performing Arts Center

Fifth stop was the nearby entrance to the Performing Arts Center, which will be the new location of Christ Church Madison in November. It will be a welcome change to the many weeks and months that I was hired to facilitate the online live streaming services for the church.

6th Stop - Arboretum

Sixth stop was the Visitor Center at the UW Arboretum located on 1,200 acres of land next to Lake Wingra. The road in and out of the Arboretum is a nice ride.

7th Stop - Harbor Freight Tools

Seventh stop was Harbor Freight Tools located on Verona Road. I am here almost every week as I buy most of my tools and supplies for my handyman work as well as my own auto/motorcycle shop work.

8th Stop - Gino's Italian Deli

Eighth stop was Gino’s Italian Deli where I often pick up a sub sandwich and iced tea for lunch when I am out serving my handyman customers.

9th Stop - Home Depot

As dusk was approaching, the ninth and final stop for the day was Home Depot. I purchase a lot of lumber and related supplies for my handyman work here.