1981 Yamaha XS650S

650cc - Project Bike 5 - 8355 Miles

How this bike looked when we first saw it!

Closer up view of left side engine

The bike has not been ridden since 2002.

Close up of engine right side

August 2019 – Deconstruction

August 2019 – Modification and Reconstruction

I know that I don’t want to use this very ugly seat!

Used left front caliper from eBay

Here I mocked up how I might cut down and reupholster the stock seat, and maybe bob the fenders.

I discovered that a spare Triumph Bonneville seat might be made to work on this bike!

Side view with new shocks mounted, and left front caliper

New Avon Roadriders mounted – first “tubeless” experience for me!

New Ikon rear shocks, add 1″ to rear height.

Follow this page for regular photos and updates as the project develops this summer!