2016 Triumph Bonneville T-120

1200cc - Project Bike 7 - 16,000 Miles

I purchased this Bonneville from it’s first owner, my friend and fellow riding buddy, David Ringgenberg.

2016 Bonneville T-120 purchased and loaded up in my 93 Chevy Pickup Hauler!

September 17, 2019

Exactly 2 years since my divorce, I found myself in Lombard, Illinois, purchasing and picking up my first liquid-cooled Triumph Bonneville T-120! I knew this bike from it’s beginnings as it was first owned by my friend, David… the defacto leader of the Windy City RATs.

In the 3 years that David owned this bike, he put on over 16,000 miles and had made a number of upgrades and modifications:

  • Triumph bar end mirrors
  • Triumph pannier rails
  • Saddle bags
  • Monza style gas cap
  • Corbin Gunfighter seat
  • Triumph LED turn signals
  • Pirelli Phantom Tires
  • Andreanni Fork cartridges
  • Hagon Nitro rear shocks
  • Triumph leather tank bag
  • Polished aluminum front shorty fender
  • 10K dealer factory service

He had obviously taken good care of it and it had never been dropped. The trip home went smoothly and within a few days I had a new Wisconsin title and plates!

2016 Bonneville T-120 on stand after new exhaust system installed

October 2019

When I purchased this bike, I was not real clear on what I wanted to do to it. But, as I rode it the first few weeks, a vision of where I wanted to go with it emerged. I knew I wanted:

  • Increased responsiveness and performance
  • Lower, deeper better (slightly louder) exhaust note
  • A more aggressive stance / look
  • Lighter weight

I also discovered that the original chain is probably stretched creating some “snatchyness” and there is some small play in the headstock bearings. So, I’ve ordered a new Gold DID chain, and am switching the rear sprocket from 37 teeth to 39 teeth to increase low-end torque. I’ll either adjust or replace the front head bearings over the winter.


What I’ve Done So Far

So, in the last days of September into October, I have begun to make some modifications.

  • Clear-coated the right-side panel, signed by Peter Egan
  • Reinstalled the chrome grab rail behind the seat
  • Removed pannier rails
  • Removed front sport windscreen
  • Removed Corbin seat and reinstalled original Triumph seat
  • Removed catalytic converter and installed Motone X-Pie
  • Removed stock Triumph mufflers and installed British Customs Predator Pro silencers
  • Removed center stand
  • Bobbed the plastic OEM front fender
  • Installed Monza-style gas cap
  • General cleaning
  • Replaced tires with Avon Spirit ST tires, Front: 100/90ZR-18, Rear: 150/70ZR-17

So, the Bonneville T-120 is heading in the general direction of my vision for it. It’s more of a cafe racer look and style with increased performance and a more aggressive sound and stripped-down look.

Some additional things I have completed more recently on 2020:

  • Instead of the Dynojet Power Commander V, I added the “Booster Plug” at a fraction of the cost. It is well worth the $150, removing some of the deceleration popping and snatchiness. It also delivers more low-end torque and power making acceleration even better.
  • I have not upgraded to floating front rotors, but I did upgrade to EBC HH pads. These have definitely improved the overall braking performance well within acceptable limits.
  • The second set of tires that the previous owner put on, were the same OEM Pirelli Phantoms. I was able to source the preferred Avon Spirit ST tires which I like a lot better.
  • I have not yet done any fine-tuning the suspension for my weight and riding style, but it feels pretty darn good as it is.
  • I ordered from Rebel Gears and installed a slightly smaller rear sprocket with 39 teeth.

What’s the story on calling this T-120 the “Peter Egan Special”?

Peter Egan signing the right side cover – circa Summer 2016

So, the story goes like this…

David was at a Team Triumph event in Janesville, WI with his new 2016 Bonneville T-120 – one of the first ones to be seen here in the midwest. Peter Egan was also in attendance and expressed interest in David’s new machine!

David made him an offer… “You can take it for a test ride/spin if you sign my side cover!”

Peter liked that offer, took David’s T-120 on a ride and returned with a grin on his face! You can see in the photos that he made good on his end of the deal!

It is reported that Peter ordered and took delivery of an identical 2016 Bonneville T-120 in the weeks and months following this event.

Unless Peter has signed another Bonneville T-120 side cover, this is the only “Peter Egan Special” known to mankind!

That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it!

The right side cover with a fresh clearcoat for protection