1977 Yamaha XS650D

650cc - Project Bike 4 - 8637 Miles

How this bike looked when we first saw it!

How this bike looked when Scott bought it and walked it over to his garage.

The bike after I hauled it from Scott’s garage to my garage and gave it a wash

The bike after a few hours of initial deconstruction

June 2019

After Scott and I tore this bike down, we started researching what we wanted to do with this bike. Scott likes the “brat” look with some “cafe racer” stylings as well.

We decided that the bike needed to first run and then be reliable and safe mechanically. This meant we needed to concentrate on:

  • Fixing the front disc brake which had no brake fluid and was locked and rubbing on the rotor
  • A new battery
  • A new drive chain
  • A new solid state ignition system
  • A new start button
  • Cleaned out and re-sealed gas tank and petcocks and new lines
  • Cleaned and potentially re-jetted carbs to match the straight-through aftermarket exhaust pipes
  • New tires and tubes
  • Misc. other items that may pop-up

We found many of the items we needed online at a site called MikesXS.com…

  • Front brake caliper rebuild kit
  • Mikuni Carb Rebuild kits
  • Ultimate Electronic Ignition with E-Advancer/XSCharge PMA Package
  • Start button
  • Front brake switch and cable
  • Rotor removal tool

Other items we ordered through Amazon…

  • New Yuasa battery
  • DID O-Ring Chain
  • Spark plugs
  • Header wrap
  • Shop manuals

Future mods may include:

  • Bobbing the fenders
  • Painting the Gas tank
  • Modify, paint or replace the side covers
  • Classic bullet-style turn signals and taillight
  • Brown leather seat

The bike after a few hours of initial deconstruction

We used the POR15 products to refurb and seal the inside of the gas tank.

We ordered the “Ultimate” solid state ignition kit from MikesXS

The Mikuni carb rebuild kits were very complete, but the instructions were a bit tricky to figure out.

June 2019

  • Install the MikesXS Ultimate Ignition/Charging System
  • Set the timing

June 2019 – Rebuild the Mikuni BS38 Carbs

July 2019

Follow this page for regular photos and updates as the project develops this summer!