Have you all seen this contest online yet? Triumph decided to host a contest pitting 2 volunteer teams against each other using some stock Triumphs as foundations. It has turned into Bobber vs. Scrambler. The deadline and unveiling was in Milan on November 4, 2014. The bikes are showcased on the Triumph website and the winner will be the team who earns the most shares across Facebook. The winner will be announced today at Motorcycle Live, in Birmingham, UK. Personally, I like the Bobber… love what they did to the engine by turning the head around with the carbs facing forward and exhausts exiting the back… makes a lot of sense!

Here’s the Triumph Factory Custom build-off webpage

About the Triumph Factory Custom Build-off

TFC1: the Bobber

TFC2: The Scrambler

I just saw the news posted on Facebook that the TFC1 Bobber won the contest! That’s the one I liked best.