I first saw this image of a painting on Facebook, and admired it so much I did some research to find out who the artist was.


“Diggin’ Life” – original oil on canvas painting (28″ x 37″) by Tm Fritz of Steve McQueen on a Triumph.

Here is one more painting I found on the artists website that I really like, of Gene Romero (#3) on a Triumph flat track racer.

“Showin’ Em What’s What” – original oil panel painting (40″ x 16″) by Tom Fritz, Artist

Tom is obviously a very talented artist who understands the interplay between people and wheeled machines. His has an ability to capture the emotions and actions of motorsport related events, personalities and culture. I’d love to own one of his works someday.

tom-fritz-artistArtist contact info:
Tom Fritz, Artist
Phone: 805.499.1630