In the interest of increased safety and visibility, especially at dusk and at night, I’ve been interested in converting my 2008 Triumph Bonneville standard wiring and lighting setup to allow for “running lights.” By this I mean the feature where not only is the headlight and taillight on at all times while riding, but the turn signals are also “on” at a lower brightness, and flash to a brighter setting when used for signaling. To do this requires a double filament bulb with three wires, similar to the taillight bulb.

I prefer the retro look, so I ordered 2 pairs of bullet style marker lights from New Bonneville. These marker lights are manufactured by Lockhart Phillips USA. This particular set are brushed aluminum and come with clear lenses, and amber doble filament bulbs.


Lockhart Phillips retro style bullet marker lights from New Bonneville – photo by Lee Hoffner.

Following the wiring instructions on the package, some helpful discussion threads on, and with the extra hands of my fellow Bonneville-enthusiast Lee (thanks for the photos!), we were able to achieve my goal!


Front marker lights used as running lights and turn signals.


Rear bullet market lights custom installed on newly repainted rear fender! – Photo by Lee Hoffner

Other electrical and lighting changes I made in this process were the “Easy Start Headlight Control Module” from New Bonneville, as well as their front and rear wiring harnesses for easier installation. I also upgraded my Lucas rear brake light lens with a replacement unit from Dime City Cycles.


Dime City Cycles replacement taillight for Lucas style light being wired up and tested. That’s a double filament taillight bulb. – Photo by Lee Hoffner


Fully tested Lucas style taillight mounted on a freshly repainted rear fender, ready for the new lens. – Photo by Lee Hoffner


The final taillight assembly mounted and working! – Photo by Lee Hoffner


I’m really digging the new look and the running lights capability! – photo by Lee Hoffner