In a previous post I shared about Randy’s Garage which is my 100 year old one car garage turned into my main motorcycle repair and modification workspace.

Well, this winter was so cold I could not do much work in the garage so I have spent some time, money and energy converting my basement wood and wooden musical instrument shop (i’ve built and repaired guitars and other wooden instruments here for a number of years) into more of a metal and motorcycle parts repair shop.

This conversion entailed me selling my table saw and radial arm saw to make more room and workspace, and adding a bench grinder, drill press and air compressor for starters.

Here are a few photos of what the basement shop is looking like these days as I work on parts for my 2008 Bonneville.


Aisle with the drill press and other hand tools stored.


Corner with the grinder, compressor, shop vac and a vise


Metal storage shelves with many of my 2008 Triumph Bonneville parts