I recently ordered a new set of handlebars from BellaCorse. I wanted to try a pair slightly lower and wider than my current Western bars. The main reason is that I have suspected that the distance from the end of the bar to where the bar starts to bend is a bit too short for my stock Triumph Bonneville throttle control. It actually binds the throttle a bit because it is clamping down at a slight angle. By going a little wider, I hoped to free this up.

western sports compared

Sports Bars and Western Bars compared. I suspected the length shown was a bit too short.

Along with the sports bars I ordered a set of Joker Machine 2-piece handlebar clamps in black.

bars and clamps

Sports bars and Joker Machine clamps

Well, the handlebar switch went fine. The Joker Machine clamp switch did not. I discovered that the Joker Machine clamps hit the D9 Bracket that I installed last month. So, I had to keep the stock bracket on for now. I removed the Western bars by removing the Joker Machine folding bar-end mirrors, left side handle bar grip and clutch lever assembly, right side brake lever assembly and center handlebar clamp.

western bars removal

Removal of left side handlebar grip and clutch lever assembly was the first step.

remove left clutch assebly

Removal of left side clutch lever assembly required unplugging the electrical connection from inside the headlamp bucket to gain the length required.

western bars coming off

Removal of center Triumph branded handlebar clamp. Followed by easy removal of right side brake and throttle assembly.

sports bars installed

New BellaCorse Sports Bars installed and ready to ride.

I am happy to report that the bars do in fact free up my throttle because there is no binding now. When I release the throttle, it quickly goes back to idle position with no delay.

I am going to have to think about what to do for the clamps. I could try to find an alternate pair of black clamps that are a bit narrower or I could modify the Joker Machine ones with a little grinding and filing, to fit my bike. More on that to come.

April 26, 2014 Update

I decided to try to make the Joker Machine clamps work by grinding away one corner where they hit the D9 bracket. It worked quite well using a bench grinder. Once I had the corners ground down, I smoothed it out with a file, then masked and sprayed the raw aluminum with black paint. Then I installed the clamps after removing the stock OEM clamp.


Finished product: new Sports bars and Joker Machine clamps.