I live in an older suburb of Chicago with lots of homes built in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Ours was built in 1915. It has a one car garage which I have turned into a one motorcycle garage and shop.

One of the problems with an old garage is that the concrete floor has cracked and settled in a number of places making it uneven and a real nuisance for rolling things like a motorcycle jacks across!

Garage Floor Cracked

BEFORE: Cracked and uneven concrete garage floor

So, the last two weekends I have experimented with a product called Quickcrete – vinyl concrete patcher. You pour it into a wheel barrow, add water into it and mix until it is the consistency of mud, then dump it in the area to be patched and level it out with a trowel and metal bar straightedge. It’s really very easy.

Quickcrete - Vinyl Concrete Patcher

Quickcrete – Vinyl Concrete Patcher – 40 lb. bag

Here is what you can do with this stuff.

Garage Concrete Floor Patched

AFTER: Garage Concrete Floor Patched

Garage Concrete Floor Area Patched

Garage Concrete Floor Area Patched

Now I can actually roll my motorcycle jack across the floor without it getting stuck in a crack! I hope it lasts more than just a few years!