In a previous post I shared about my customer experience with British Customs and their shipping policies. The item that I had ordered from them was the British Customs Flat Gauge Cluster for the Triumph Bonneville. Alas, it never arrived.


British Customs Flat Gauge Cluster

d9-logoSince the shipping issue from British Customs had became such a hassle, I started looking at instrument panel alternatives. My friend Lee had told me about D9 Brackets last year, so I went back into my records and looked up the site. Well, there really isn’t a “site.” There is an information section within the online forums and web community. (Update – there is a website now at

I looked through the high quality photo examples and then emailed Seth Bernstein (Mr. D9 himself) about what I was looking for. He emailed back with several suggestions and I settled on the Pre VDO Ignition Relocation Bracket, Version 3 in black. It allows me to use my stock gauges and indicator lights, plus allows me to relocate my ignition to the center of the panel, more like the Bonneville’s of the 60’s and 70’s.


Pre VDO Ignition Relocation Bracket, Version 3 in black

Well, the box with the new D9 bracket arrived today and here is what I received. Sweet!

Pre VDO Ignition Relocation Bracket, Version 3 in black - Kit

Pre VDO Ignition Relocation Bracket, Version 3 in black – Kit

Now, I know there is a significant price difference ($75 vs. $300), but I think the design, look, feel and quality differences are worth it. Can’t wait to get it installed on my 2008 Triumph Bonneville.

Today I removed the stock instrument cluster bracket and gauges, headlight bucket, and Joker Machine ignition side mount bracket, plus all the wiring that goes with it.


Front end stripped down to basics.


Joker Machine billet aluminum ignition side mount kit


Test fit the gauges in the D9 Bracket.

March 8-9, 2014 Update

This weekend I was able to complete another small step in the process by spraying the black instrument cups with Plasti Dip spray.


Instrument cups sprayed with black Plasti Dip

March 15, 2014 Update

I was able to start reassembling my instrument panel today. I followed the instructions provided by D9 Brackets.


D9 Instrument panel reassembly

March 16, 2014 Update

I was able to assembling my instrument panel further today. I first completed repairing my ignition wiring harness using Performix Liquid Tape.


Ignition harness repair


D9 instrument panel nearing completion.


D9 Bracket back with wiring and cups on the gauges. Ready to install!

March 18, 2014 Update

I was able to mount the new D9 Bracket and instrument cluster on my Bonnie this evening to test for fit. Looks good to me!