Well, I’ve gone and done it again… purchased another Bonneville! This time it is a 2012 Triumph Thruxton, black with gold trim, that I found for sale on Chicago CraigsList. The original owner, Bill had purchased it new from Motor Cycle Center in 2012, put on exactly 137 miles, then recently posted it on CraigsList as he decided his riding days were over. Thankfully, I was the first to respond, go look at the bike and make an offer he was willing to accept.

I rode it from Bill’s house to my house in 30 degree Chicago weather and put on its first 20 miles.


2012 Triumph Thruxton parked in Randy’s Garage


2012 Triumph Thruxton after my first 20 mile ride

Today, I went and got the title transfer, tax and registration taken care of.

Bill had already done some interesting modifications:

  • BC Predator Exhausts
  • Remapped EFI for Predators done by MCC
  • Air Injection Removal
  • BC rear fender removal kit
  • Triumph fly screen with matching paint and stripes

Bill also threw in a nice floor stand, Shoei helmet, trickle charger, and all the original parts that were removed for the modifications.

So, a new adventure begins with an EFI-based Triumph!


November 26, 2014 Update

I’ve made a few changes to the Thruxton in the past week or so as I have ridden it more and gotten used to the different feel it has compared to my Bonneville.

  • I’ve changed the front sprocket to a 19-tooth, to lower the RPM’s at higher speeds. Since I have also done this to my Bonnie, I am just used to hearing the engine working at a lower RPM as I’m cruising down the highway. It also helps with the gas mileage!
  • As much as I like the rear fender gone look, it is not practical for year round riding in Chicago. The first wet pavement I hit revealed the mess that no rear fender creates! So, I’ve re-installed the rear fender and have posted the British Customs Rear Fender Eliminator Kit under the “For Sale” section of this site.
  • I do not like the stock Metzeler tires. To me they are not sticky enough. I would rather changes tires more often than have them slipping under wet conditions. So, I’ve ordered new Dunlop Roadsmart II ties to try for the first time, based mostly on this review and recommendation: https://rideapart.com/articles/best-tire-options-for-triumph
  • I also removed the front black/gold matching paint flyscreen. I guess I prefer the “naked” look and it really did nothing to help with cutting down on wind turbulence. I’m going to sell it also.
  • I removed the amber side reflectors mounted on a bracket up front, and the rear ones attached with double-sided adhesive to the sides of the fender.

November 28, 2014 Update

  • Today I purchased and installed the British Customs Retro Rear Taillight with license plate holder, and put the bullet style aluminum turn signals back on.
  • I also installed the Triumph power accessory connector kit so I can plug in my phone charger.
  • I cleaned and re-gapped the spark plugs
  • Both of these 2 items required removing the gas tank. Wow! that is much harder on an EFI machine!
  • I also took a closer look at the airbox and I think that I will try modifying it first, before replacing it. I did remove the snorkel to open up the air intake path a little bit.

Stock taillight assembly removed


Bullet aluminum style turn signals installed.

2012 Thruxton

The rear end view looks much better now!

2012 Thruxton

Side view taken at Motor Cycle Center on Saturday, November 29, 2014.

Triumph Thruxton - 2012

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My Thruxton at the Springfield Mile, Memorial Day Weekend, 2015.