Today I received an email from Kevin who wrote: “Just stumbled upon your site. I like what you’re doing with it. We’re starting up a site here in DC called News and stories of cafe racers. I personally have a 2008 Bonne as well. Looking at your shots – do you have aftermarket shocks? Any recommendation on what to get? I’m looking for a smoother ride on DC pot holed streets.”

The answer is that after attending a Total Control Rider Training class called Advanced Riding Clinic (ARC1) within a year of purchasing the bike, and learning more about the principles of motorcycle handling and suspension, I decided to contact one of the class sponsors, Race Tech about upgrading my suspension.

Matt Wiley at Race Tech recommended and set me up with these products for my weight and riding conditions (185 lbs, urban streets):

Front Fork Suspension:

Front Fork Suspension

Race Tech: Front Fork Suspension

  • FEGV S4105 Gold Valve Kit = $169.99
  • FRSP S3534095 Fork Springs, .95kg rate = $109.99
  • US3 Oil (synthetic 15wt) = $29.99
  • FSOS 41 P Fork Seals, pr = $ 21.98

Rear Suspension:

Rear Shocks - Race Tech

Rear Shocks – Race Tech

  • Matt wrote: For your use I recommend the non-reservoir rebound adjustable units RSSTR 08IRNN for = $799.99/set

Race Tech gave me a 10% discount on the entire order because of my ARC1 training. I had my local Triumph dealer, Motoworks Chicago do the front fork gold valve and springs conversion which cost me $150. I replaced the rear shocks myself.

I have been very pleased with this setup. It makes the bike handle so much better than the stock suspension primarily (as I understand it) because it is now double action instead of single.

The other thing that made a big improvement about another year later, was adding the SuperBrace Fork Stabilizer w/Fork Protectors (Black) from Cruiser Customizing ($256.99 delivered), which I also highly recommend. There are other options on the market, but this one looks the best on my Bonneville Black at a good price.

SuperBrace Fork Stabilizer

SuperBrace Fork Stabilizer

Kevin, I hope this answers your questions and helps you in your decision process. And keep up the good work with the DC Triumph site!