I grew to dislike the plastic Triumph badges that came stock on my 2008 Triumph Bonneville. I wanted a more vintage look and a higher quality feeling to the badges.

I am lucky in that the 2008 model tank (larger 4.2 gal. in US) has the mounting bolt holes already on it (behind the plastic badges) for mounting other styles of higher quality metal tank badges. So, I removed my badges using the technique in this YouTube video:

After doing some research online, and visiting numerous British motorcycle events, I found what I am looking for. They are called the 68 style, heritage tank badges made of cast metal, and they come in 4 accent colors: black, red, yellow/gold and white.

Sixty-Eight Heritage Tank Badges

Sixty-Eight Heritage Triumph Tank Badges

At the 2012 Rockers vs. Mods event in Chicago, I shot a photo of what the black version looks like on a black Bonneville like mine.

Black Heritage Tank Badge

Black Sixty-Eight Heritage Tank Badge on Bonneville

Here are some additional views I have collected.

Sixty-Eight heritage style tank badges

Sixty-Eight heritage style Triumph tank badges

Triumph Sixty-Eight heritage tank badges

Triumph Sixty-Eight heritage tank badges

You can see that this badge has a rubber gasket between it and the tank and is attached to the tank with 2 threaded security style cap screws.

After additional research with Derek at Motoworks Chicago, we found the parts and numbers that are needed to order the black version of these badges through a Triumph dealer:

The parts are listed under the 2003 Triumph Thunderbird Sport – Fuel Tank & Fittings:

  • 1 – BADGE, FUEL TANK, LH – Part # T3900087 = $43.28
  • 1 – BADGE, FUEL TANK, RH – Part # T3900086 = $43.28
  • 2 – GASKET, TANK BADGE, LH – Part #: T3660132 @ $8.06 ea. = $16.12
  • 4 – SCREW, SECURE – Part #: T3330529 = $17.92

TOTAL COST = $120.60 plus local taxes

For some strange reason, the left hand badge is not available from Triumph so I am waiting for those to become available before I place my order. I’ll keep you updated on when I get them and have them installed.

UPDATE: August 29, 2012

The tank badges became available so I placed my order and put them on last night!  I did have to buy a set of security screw bits.

Set of 33 security bits

Set of 33 security bits

I’m very pleased with the new look!

Triumph Heritage Badge - Black

Triumph Heritage Badge on my 2008 Bonneville – Triumph Part # T3900087