Last fall I experienced my first Slimey Crud Run. On May 4, 2014 I experienced my second crud run, the Spring 2014 version. This year I joined up with the Windy City RATs at the McDonald’s on Roosevelt Road and Country Farm Road, and we rode up to Team Triumph in Janesville Wisconsin to meet up with the Rock River RATs. We then headed together up to Pine Bluff, WI for the start of the Slimey Crud Run.


I stopped at Dunkin Donuts on my way to McDonald’s to meet the Windy City RATs

I rode up to Janesville with David, Rob, Rod and Frank.


Our arrival in Pine Bluff, WI.

In Pine Bluff, there is a bar called The Red Mouse (The brown building below) where everyone congregates. You can get brats, chips, beer, soft drinks, etc.


Overall view at The Red Mouse…. probably several thousand bikes and riders were there.

I took off ahead of the group to Leland, WI because I had to get back home earlier than everyone else. This is the actual Slimey Crud Run, from Pine Bluff to Leland, WI. Upon arriving, there were even more bikes and bikers!


View along main street in Leland, WI.

I found a spot to park and got myself a Sprecher’s Root Beer… then headed home.


Bonnie parked at the Slimey Crud Run, Leland, WI.


Map of my route for the day… just over 400 miles.