As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am in the process of fixing and modifying my 2008 Triumph Bonneville after an accident which resulted in a broken left ankle for myself.

One of the pieces that was damaged and will need to be replaced is the original plastic left side cover. I was able to purchase a good used one online from Rubber Side Up. Now I am in the process of modifying both side covers to personalize them for my bike.

In some of my other recent posts I’ve been sharing how I have developed a theme for the bike based upon my Joker Machine headlight ears, which feature a series of round holes. In keeping with this style, I’ve modified my chain guard, front sprocket cover, and gear shift lever.

I have now also completed the process of deciding what I am going to do to my side covers. I used the old damaged left side cover to develop a pattern. I laid out a series of holes on it in pencil first, then when I achieved the look I wanted, I drilled out these holes. You can see that it follows the pattern I came up with for my front sprocket cover.


Left side cover with new holes drilled.


Left side cover showing inside, and extra wrap around plastic removed.

After drilling the holes, I then used a 3″ cut-off tool I purchased from Harbor Freight Tools to cut away yhe extra side pieces of the cover, so that I can lay it on top of the new one and locate the holes to match.


How I plan to use the damaged old side cover as a pattern and template for locating and drilling the new side covers.

January 26, 2014 Update

Today I sanded both side covers, inside and out to remove stickers and labels, to prepare them for priming and painting. I used am orbital hand sander to help me get the decals off, then hand sanded the rest, inside and out.


Side covers – outside


Side covers – inside

I also started making the layout of the holes I will drill based upon the template I made.