While my Bonnie was disabled due to the carb malfunction and I was waiting on the parts to fix it, I decided to rebuild my front forks again.

I had ordered some new parts from Bellacorse that were waiting to be installed:

So, while my Bonnie was up on the floor jack, I removed the headlight, instrument panel and wiring, front wheel, fender and brackets, brake caliper and then the fork tubes from the triple trees. Things then looked like this:


2008 Bonneville with front wheel, fork, headlight and wiring disassembled.

Next, I decided to change the finish of several parts. I ground off the black Plasti-Dip from the headlight bucket and trim ring with a wire bench grinder and decided I liked how the chrome looked like that, and decided to leave it that way for now.

Headlamp coated with black Plast-Dip

Headlamp coated with black Plasti-Dip – you can see where it was wearing off at various spots.


Removing the Plasti-Dip from my headlamp bucket using a wire wheel on a grinder.

Headlamp bucket and trim ring with Plasti-Dip removed

Headlamp bucket and trim ring with Plasti-Dip removed

I also decided to grind off the fender mounting stubs on the stock lower fork casings since I no longer need those with my bobbed front fender.


Lower front fork tube fender stubs being ground off


Closeup of grinding process


I created a lot of fine gray dust doing this!


Then I primed the lower fork tubes


I decided to remove the Plasti-Dip from the front fender and repaint it flat black as well.


Fork tubes and front fender primed.


Then I switched to flat black primer.


I also decided to coat the front fender bracket with Plasti-Dip thinking it would protect that metal longer than just the stock black paint finish from Triumph.


While I also had the instrument cluster removed, I replaced a burned out bulb on the top of the speedometer, and just cleaned up some of the wiring.


Finally, I sprayed the final layers of flat black enamel and hung the parts to dry in my garage.

Rebuilding the Front Forks

I followed the process in the Haynes manual to remove and disassemble the fork tubes. Here’s what they look like all taken apart.


Inside parts of the front fork tubes disassembled. My setup includes the RaceTech Suspension springs, Gold Valves and spacers.

I replaced the upper and lower bushings, the copper seals, the upper seals and fork oil using Spectro SAE 15, recommended by Racetech.


Upper and lower fork bushings and seals that I replaced.

For the preload adjusters, I measured the difference height from my stock fork caps and the new preload ones set in their middle position. This told me how much shorter I needed my spacers to be… turned out to be 1/2″ – so I went ahead and cut those down, filed them off and put them in with the new preload caps.


The spacers that needed to be shortened 1/2″


Stock fork caps


The shorter gaiters designed for use with a Superbrace.


The new pre-load adjuster caps installed.

Final Results


Here’s how the front fork with all my modifications turned out… not too bad!

Test Ride to the Peoria TT on Sunday, August 17, 2014

I have to say that with the new fork oil and modifications to the front forks and the new seals in my Mikuni carbs, the Bonnie has never run or handled better. I rode it from Chicago to the Peoria TT and back yesterday, and it performed fantastic.