My friend Lee came over to my garage a few weekends ago as I was getting close to finishing the winter modifications and repairs to my 2008 Bonneville. This is the same Bonnie that I dumped in November 2013 and broke my ankle with (Ouch!).

Anyway, those of you who follow this blog may remember that Lee is a very good amateur photographer (beside his full-time gig as a computer programmer), and he had his camera along on this particular visit. However, I noticed right away that it was not his “normal” digital camera, but was in fact an old Canon F1… just like one that I used to own back in the day! He was actually shooting FILM! As we talked about the camera I learned that he had loaded it up with a roll of black & white Ilford 35mm film!

Here are some of the shots Lee took on his F-1 that morning as we puttered around the garage inspecting the progress on my Bonnie.


Not sure what I was doing when Lee took this… looks like some small part is being prepped for installation.


That’s me in motion blur, puttering around the garage.


Bonnie up on the jack stand. New front hub, spokes, rim and tire, plus a Brembo brake system upgrade mounted and ready to go.


Left side covers and exhaust still to be installed.


Exhaust headers and right side sprocket cover still to be re-installed. Front fender re-painted and installed.


Fitting the newly wrapped headers back on the Bonnie.


The view into Randy’s Garage from the main doorway. That’s my Ariens snowblower in the background… great product!


Instrument cluster, bars and controls being reassembled.


New rear hub, spokes, rim and tire assembly, as well as the drilled and repainted chain guard.


New instrument cluster bracket by D9 Brackets… thank you Seth!


I’m smiling because I can feel how close I am to actually getting back on the Bonnie!

I think these old school film photos look great!

Thanks, Lee!

NOTE: all photos copyright 2014 Lee Hoffner