Today I went and visited one of the 2 Triumph dealers I normally frequent in the Chicago area because they about equidistant from my home. One dealer is west about 10 miles in a suburb called Villa Park and their name is Motor Cycle Center (MCC). MCC is where I purchased my Bonneville in 2008. At that time they were the only Triumph dealer in all of Chicagoland. However, a few years ago Motoworks Chicago became the second Triumph dealer and they are located east of me about 10 miles within the city limits of Chicago on south Western Ave.

Motoworks Chicago held an open house today from 10 AM to 2 PM. I arrived around 11:30 am and parked my Bonneville a block away because there were no closer spots!


I spliced 2 photos together to get this pseudo panorama view of the Motoworks Chicago Open House event.

There were a lot of people of all ages inside and outside of the building… several hundred at the peak. The owner, Johnny Scheff was talking with guests and his staff were taking care of customers and answering questions. There was hot coffee, soft drinks, beer and other goodies, as well as a gourmet burger truck in the empty lot across the street where you could order a free burger on the house.

A guy named Jorge that I had met at another motorcycle ride event last year (Full Moon Family Restaurant in Lake Forest, IL) recognized me and struck up a conversation. Jorge lives in Chicago and works as a civil engineer for one of the northern suburbs. He had ridden his Bonneville SE to the event. We decided to keep talking while standing in line for the free gourmet burgers. We talked about jobs, rides, Bonneville modifications, this blog and my accident and recovery among other things. We also met and talked with a guy named Bill who rode up in a sweet Black & White 2011 Bonneville T-100.

Overall it was a great way to meet fellow Triumph and Bonneville owners and enthusiasts, talk about our passion for Triumph’s and specifically Bonneville’s, and just have a good time. Thanks for the good conversation, Jorge, and for telling me about ChiVinMoto!

I want to thank Johnny and his staff for the free food and good time we all enjoyed. I admire small businessmen like Johnny who take the risks to start a business that benefits the economy and community in so many ways: added taxes, jobs, and of course providing the valuable products and services that we the customers want!

It’s great to see Motoworks Chicago flourishing and doing well as a small local business, as well as for the brand. I wish you and the Motoworks Chicago team another great year, Johnny!