A friend recently asked what I did regarding my regulator rectifier. You’ll notice my Bonneville does not have the telltale finned rectangular gray box located up front on the frame or even on the fork. I made that modification and upgrade prior to the start of this website, so I thought I would share what I did now.

When my stock OEM regulator-rectifier went bad, I did some research and found a website called Roadster Cycle, run by a guy named Jack Fleming. He sells a complete kit to replace a stock OEM regulator-rectifier with a Shindengen FH020AA Mosfet rectifier. The kit costs $121.95 plus shipping and includes everything you need for the conversion.

Roadster Cycle Shindengen Mofset Regulator Rectifier FH020AA

Roadster Cycle Shindengen Mofset Regulator Rectifier FH020AA

What’s the difference? The Mosfet rectifier uses modern electronics technology and runs cooler than OEM rectifiers based on 1960’s technology. It means you can locate the rectifier anywhere on your bike – even hidden!

Battery in Place

Battery in place with Mosfet Rectifier in front

When I performed my British Customs Airbox Removal Kit modification, I located my Shindengen Mosfet inside the battery box next to the battery! It is completely hidden from external view (see above).

You can read more about this upgrade on Jack’s website. He is very passionate about his kit and is very helpful.