For some reason (I’m pretty sure it’s my fault), the last chain I replaced did not last very long. I don’t think I kept it lubricated enough over the summer of 2013 when I took a number of longer trips.

So, I ordered a new black JPR Performance chain from NewBonneville and replaced the chain for the 3rd time on my bike. I also purchased a better chain tool kit from Cycle Gear made by Stockton.


With the Bonnie safely on the jack stand, I removed the rear tire, wheel and hub assembly.


Next since my old chain did not have a master link, I used the Stockton chain tool to break the chain by pressing one of the link posts all the way out.


Stockton tool in use


One link pin pressed out.


Old chain top with pin pressed out, and new chain below showing master link setup.

The new chain was then threaded in place around the front sprocket.


New chain threaded around sprocket and ready to connect.

The chain was reconnected using the new master link supplied with the chain. It’s basically a “C” type clip that holds the link in place.


New chain connected using the master link.

I then lubricated the chain well before putting the rear wheel assebly back on.


New chain in place after replacing the rear wheel hub and sprocket assembly.

Ready to roll!