dcc-logoI wish that I had a better customer experience to report. Unfortunately, I have been forced to remove my recommended link to Dime City Cycles from this blog. Why… what is the issue?

Well, you may recall that I was excited about the replacement headlight bucket I found at DCC and had ordered to replace my stock damaged headlight bucket. At that time, I was a bit hesitant to order this part based upon my friend Lee’s previous experience with the aftermarket tachometer he ordered from DCC. You can read about that experience here.

Making Sure

So, I spent a number of emails going back and forth with DCC to make certain the desired satin black headlight bucket would fit my setup. We had determined together that I needed a bucket to fit an 8″ width (from mounting ear to mounting ear) on my bike. DCC assured me the headlight bucket I desired would fit. So, I ordered it.


This past weekend, I finally got to the point in my Bonneville post accident upgrade process to fit the new headlight bucket on my bike. I discovered that it was closer to 7″ wide and would no way fit my setup. I decided to re-coat my stock headlamp bucket and trim ring with black Plast Dip instead.

I have emailed and asked DCC to send me an RMA number so I can ship their product back for a refund. I’m waiting on that response now and will keep you informed as to the outcome.


Based upon my own personal and others I have observed, my opinion on DCC is that they are more focused on promoting themselves as some kind of new cafe racer celebrities than they are on running a business that actually delivers a good brand and customer experience. There is a disconnect between the impression they give through all their videos, promotional activities and social media posts, and the experience they actually deliver to customers. This disconnect does not bode well for their future as a business. You can’t get away with this kind of stuff in today’s world where customer experiences are shared and simply out there for all to see!

Unless you are prepared to be disappointed, don’t order from Dime City Cycles.


Perhaps I’m just “old school,” but I want to promote businesses that deliver on the brand promise, and consistently prove that they are who they say they are. There is no better example for DCC to emulate than their fellow Florida business, Bonneville Performance. I think Herm and John Paul need to give Bill Gately a call, and take some lessons.

April 1, 2014 Update

After sending the headlight bucket back to Dime City Cycles, I received a voice mail from them saying that they could not refund my credit card, and could only refund to my PayPal account (if I had one) less the 20% restocking fee! Well, I was so miffed by this that I sent an email to them saying that I was very dissatisfied with this kind of treatment and that I would be letting everyone in my network know about their policies. To their credit, they backed off the restocking fee and refunded my order in total to my PayPal account.

Even though they ended up doing the right thing on this order, I can’t wholeheartedly recommend Dime City Cycles anymore. I am aware of too many bad customer experiences with them. My suggestion above still stands.