I have determined that Plast-Dip does not work so well on motorcycle parts that receive constant contact with things like pant legs, gloves, shoes and what not. It simply rubs off too easily… at least it did for me on my side covers. Perhaps I didn’t prep the surfaces correctly, or maybe didn’t spray enough layers, or maybe it requires longer time to “cure” – I’m not sure. So, I peeled and scraped the Plasti Dip off of my side covers and am in the process of repainting them. During this process, I have also designed a badge to attach to each side cover positioned below the large holes that I drilled in them this past winter. The badge design was done in Adobe Illustrator and the file was sent to my friend Steve Wilson at Your Bag Tag, a custom luggage and bag tag manufacturer and supplier. Steve laser cut the badges out of a black plastic material that had a white center core with a laser engraving machine he uses to create custom laser engraved products. He had demonstrated the capabilities of this tool for me when I visited him last fall.


Randy’s artwork supplied to YourBagTag.com

The new custom badges arrived today from Your Bag Tag and they turned out really nice!


New custom laser engraved badges for side covers designed by Randy and made by YourBagTag.com.

Here is a shot of the direction I am headed with this modification. There are three holes, one at each “corner” of the badge where I have drilled through the side cover and am using a flat alan head bolt to go through both the badge and the cover, with a retaining nut on the back (inside) to hold them in place.


Side covers with Plasti Dip removed, sanded and primed with new custom badges located, drilled and fit mounted.

The paint process begins…


After fitting, badges removed and the inside (back) sprayed with semi-gloss enamel paint.


After the paint dried, I mounted the badges with three stainless steel hex head screws with locking nuts on the inside of the side cover.


I also scuffed up the paint with Scotch pads to give it that dull, matt finish, before I mounted the badges.


Side cover with custom badge mounted on left side.


Side cover with custom badge mounted on right side.


Closer view of left side cover and custom badge.

Based upon this post, Jamie contacted Steve at Your Bag Tag about some custom badges for his Triumph Streetmaster. Steve contacted me and here’s what I came up with:


Custom Triumph Streetmaster fender badge.

Here’s the final badge manufactured by Your Bag Tag.