I’ve been looking for an option to significantly brighten my stock 2008 Triumph Bonneville headlight for some time. I’ve searched on Triumphrat.net (http://www.triumphrat.net/twins-technical-talk/189034-extra-bright-headlight-do-i-need-special-wires-or-anything.html) and read about a guy named Daniel Stern ([email protected]) who is supposed to be the expert on this topic. I emailed him asking what he would recommend and got no reply.

Recently I logged onto a local Triumph Dealer (teammcc.com) website and saw an ad for this product:

SuperSpot LED H4 Upgrade Bulb

  • Installs in minutes
  • Ultra white hi/low beam contained
  • Super high visibility
  • 2000 lumens
  • Only 1 amp draw
  • Auto fan system included
  • Full 3 year warranty

They were asking over $150 for the kit (one lamp and fan) so I went online and did some more research on LED H4 bulb options. I discovered some additional threads on Triumphrat.net on the H4 LED topic:

To go with really bright Halogen’s you need to install a relay. I wasn’t to keen on that idea and in the second post, Forchetto mentioned these LED’s as being a good value: CREE LED H4 Bulb Kit


30W CREE LED Headlamp box

So, after all the reading, I decided to give Forchetto’s recommendation a try. The order went through easily on eBay to a company in the UK called MyLitco. The total sale was $148.17, but included 2 complete sets of lamps/fans converters and wiring. Here is a photo journal of the installation process.


My CREE H4 LED Kit arrived from the UK well packed and undamaged.


Inside were 2 CREE LED H4 headlamps and fans, and 2 converters with all wiring and connectors.


Here’s a closeup view of the lamp itself with the integrated fan on the back, mounted on a large heatsink.


I removed my headlamp ring to reveal where all of the new wires and converters and larger lamp/fan needed to fit.


I removed the halogen lamp that was installed, and installed the new CREE LED H4 lamp. The retaining spring was a bit tricky, but I was able to get it to work.


Here are closer up views of the new CREE LED lamp installed in the standard H4 bulb mount.


Now I’ve attached the converter with the 2 leads provided… easy as pie! Ready to install and test.


First I just plugged the new lamp to the connector inside my headlamp bucket and tested to see if it would light up. It did… and almost immediately the fan kicked on. I realized that the fan pretty much runs all the time, but it makes a very quiet, faint whirring sound.


Finally I arranged the internal wiring to allow for the converter to sit at the bottom of the bucket, and all the other wires around the sides and top. I was able to get it all in fairly easily.


It’s hard to tell in a photo, but the lamp is much brighter than the standard halogen, even a high quality one. The color temp is blue-ish (cooler) than the halogen as well.

I put the new headlamp to the test last night with some city and highway riding. I have to say that this is by far the best headlamp option I have experienced to date on my Bonneville.