As the Facebook Admin and webmaster for Bonneville Performance I get to see some pretty cool photography from Triumph Motorcycles. Below is a sweet photo used in a 2-page ad placed in Cycle World Magazine by Castrol, a major partner and sponsor of Triumph’s racing efforts.

The race machine in the photo was built by Bill Gately of Bonneville Performance, owner of the Triumph factory sponsored AMA Pro Flat Track racing team featuring rider Mikey Martin (#91).

The spec’s on this racing “Super Tracker” are incredible!


Click on this image to see a high resolution version.

What I have learned is that Bill starts with a stock factory Triumph Scambler/America/Speedmaster 865cc engine. This engine is essentially the same engine in my 2008 Bonneville (360 degree crank) but with a 270 degree crank and a few other minor differences. The main reason for this is for the “thumping” sound and maybe a bit more torque in the lower RPM’s. Every modification Bill makes on this 270 degree race engine, can be made on the 360 degree version as well.

Bill completely rebuilds the engine with a new re-machined crank, Wiseco pistons, and Carillo rods to increase the displacement to 995cc, just under the 1000cc limit for AMA Pro Flat Track racing. He also turns his own high performance twin cams, and ports the heads for 2mm larger valves.

Once the engine is rebuilt, he adds custom billet manifolds and twin Mikuni flat side racing carbs on the intake side, and custom 2 into 1 headers and free-flow exhausts on the outflow side. A Barnett clutch , oil cooler and pressure gauge are added along with many other high performance items. All of this effort adds up to 104 HP at the rear wheel, and 87 ft. lbs. of torque!

The frame is custom designed by Bill and built from chrome moly. A modified Yamaha front fork suspension and a racing-adjustable mono-shock rear suspension are added. These features along with lightweight alloy wheels are the main reasons the entire bike ends up weighing only 350 lbs! That’s 100 lbs. lighter than my stock Bonneville!

Friends, I have seen and heard this racing bike up close, both in the pit area on race day, and on the flat dirt track and I can tell you as a Bonneville owner and enthusiast, you’ve never heard anything like it!


Bonneville Performance Super Tracker – 995cc – #91 in the pit area at the Indy Mile race event, 2013.

Amazingly, you can also buy a street legal version of this bike from Bill called a Bonneville Performance Street Tracker 995, for only $26,500.

BonnevillePerformanceStreet Tracker_009

Bonneville Performance Street Tracker 995 available online for only $26,500.

You should seriously consider joining me at an AMA Pro Flat Track race event this coming season, and grinning from ear to ear with me!

— Randy