One of the fulfilling things about writing this blog is the opportunity to “meet” fellow Bonneville enthusiasts from all over the world. Thanks to so many of you who have commented our sent emails letting me know that the blog has helped you in some way.

In August 2013 I received a comment from Chris asking about my experience with removing the air injection system.  I created a post on the Air Injection System Removal topic as my reply to him and included some extra information in that post. Since then, Chris has completed his project and he just sent me an update which I am posting here.


Chris’ Silver Bonnie – looking good!

Chris hails from Vancouver, BC and rides a Silver 790 cc 2006 Bonneville (Actually built in H. England).

Modifications include:

  • TPUSA – air box removal
  • Air injection removal kit
  • Dominator touring pipes
  • Carbs re-jetted
  • 1 larger tooth on the front sprocket (I think that would be 18 on a 2006)
  • Custom mounted tach (similar to Son of the Wind)
  • Thruxton gel seat and cowling
  • OEM Triumph Windscreen
  • Norman Hyde M bars
  • Napoleon bar end mirrors

Thanks for sharing about your Bonneville, Chris. Keep us posted on your progress!

January 2015 Update

I received this updated photo from Chris showing some of the work he has done since the last photo was posted. Looking really good!


Pinstriping and other mods added to Chris’ T-100