After riding 690 miles on Friday, October 10, 2014, I got up on Saturday, October 11, 2014 and rode my Bonneville to Barber Motorsports Park in Leeds, Alabama for the 10th Anniversary of the Triumph Sponsored, Barber Vintage Festival.

The gates opened at 8 AM, and I arrived about 8:30. After paying my day fee I rode to Gate 5 to register with the AHRMA and get my pit/paddock pass for the day. Once I parked my bike, I entered Gate 5 and made my way to the paddock area.

Within 30 minutes I had scoped out all the pits and found the area where the 312 Racing Team from Motoworks Chicago and the ChiVinMoto groups were setup.


Motoworks Chicago Pit Area

Motoworks Chicago owner, Johnny Scheff saw me walking by and invited me into the pit area. He was very gracious and offered me to use his pit area as my home base for the day, with access to all the cold drinks, snacks, and even offered me hot coffee and a hot omelet breakfast cooked fresh on the spot by JJ. I was overwhelmed with his hospitality!


JJ’s very tasty omelette breakfast!

I had plenty of relaxed time to talk with Johnny about the races for the day, and look at the bikes he and the other ChiVinMoto team members had entered to race. I was naturally drawn mostly to Johnny’s 312 Racing Thruxton he would be running first in the Sound of Thunder race used as a practice, then the final race of the day in the Thruxton Cup Classic.

Just hangin out at the Motoworks Chicago pit area.

Just hangin out at the Motoworks Chicago pit area.

312 Racing Thruxton

Here are some close ups of Johnny’s 312 Racing Thruxton, ready to race.


Ignition key safety wired to the headlight ear.


Oil Cooler fittings safety wired


AHRMA issued lap timing system sensor attached to left fork tube.


GoPro video camera mounting bracket on right front fork protector


Johnny’s 312 racing logo graphics on the front windscreen that covers the headlight bucket.


The only modification to this Triumph Thruxton is a Dynojet Power Commander module, The on-off switch tells the computer to sense the local air-temp-gas conditions and adjust the engine timing accordingly. Pretty cool technology!


Custom 2-into-1 exhaust muffler.


Gazi Suspension rear racing shocks

Barber Motorsports Park Paddock Area Photos

Some other photos from the pit area:


Yours truly at Barber


My Bonneville Black at Barber 2014


Motoworks Chicago logo in the pit area

The award winning Motoworks Chicago Custom Triumph Speedmaster

The award winning custom Triumph Speedmaster by Motoworks Chicago.

AHRMA Racing Outcomes

Johnny did well in his practice “Sound of Thunder” race and got rid of some of his nervous energy. He then placed 6th in his Thruxton Cup Classic at the end of the day. It was a very good day of racing for 312 Racing at Barber!