This summer (2012) I knew I would be passing 24,000 miles on my 2008 Bonneville. This mileage interval requires a more major number of factory recommended maintenance items. If you have a Haynes Service & Repair Manual, it lists the recommended maintenance items.

Haynes Service & Repair Manual

Haynes Service & Repair Manual

Here is a PDF file listing those recommended items.

Bonneville Service Intervals Checklist

Bonneville Service Intervals Checklist – PDF

Here’s what I’ve done so far this summer (2012):


  • Changed oil and oil filter – Spectro/K&N

Fuel System

  • New throttle cable and adjustment (went with Speigler replacement stainless steel one)
  • Check fuel system and hoses for leaks and condition – nothing required
  • New K&N air cleaners
  • Check carburetor balance – good

Ignition System

  • New spark plugs – NGK-Iridium


  • Inspect for wear and damage – looks good
  • Replace inner tubes – valves were showing signs of rust
  • Check and adjust tire pressure

Steering and Suspension

  • Check for free operation – good
  • Check forks for leaks – good
  • Check headstock bearings – good
  • Renew fork oil – have yet to do this


  • Check brake fluid levels – good
  • Check brake pads for wear – good
  • Check brake calipers for leaks/seized pistons – good
  • Check master cylinders for leaks – good.


  • Check lights instruments and electrical system – good

Drive Chain

  • Replace drive chain – D.I.D. O-Ring, heavy duty – just completed last night!
  • Replace worn sprockets – New rear sprocket coming within days. Front is OK.


  • Clutch cable – replace and adjust
  • Valve clearances and adjust – all were off factory spec’s!


  • Inspect fasteners for security – done
  • Road test – done

Additional Operations – Every 2 years

  • Renew brake fluid – done
I did all of the work myself except for the valve adjustment, which requires special tools and access to various sizes of shims. During my road test of the new chain last night, the 2008 Bonnie turned 26,000 miles.
26,000 miles

26,000 miles on my 2008 Bonneville