As you may have read in my previous post, I had an accident while riding my Bonneville home from work on November 19, 2013. I dumped it on Madison St., in Chicago while trying to avoid a collision with a typical Chicago driver. Unfortunately, I broke my left ankle in the process.

While I am mending, and after settling with Progressive Insurance on the damages to my Bonnie, I have started ordering the parts I will need to get her back on the street. The parts are starting to arrive!

Left Side Cover

The first part to arrive was the new (used) left side cover, purchased from Rubber Side Up for $58.80. The price for a new OEM Triumph part was $157.25.


Left Side Cover – Used – from Rubber Side Up

Headlamp Bucket

The second box to arrive was from Dime City Cycles. It included a new headlight bucket in all satin black ($80), and 2 velocity stacks ($40). My OEM headlamp ring is damaged, and replacing that one part alone would have been $101.29, so I get the entire bucket in the color I prefer for less!


DCC Headlamp Bucket – all satin black


Headlamp – front view showing lens and lamp inside.

Velocity Stacks


Velocity Stacks

The velocity stacks are not replacements, but just extra parts that I am thinking about integrating in my side covers like this idea I got from Forchetto on


Parts Yet to Arrive

  • SBT Dominator Sport Exhausts in Ceramic Black
  • Brembo 4-piston and floating caliper front brake upgrade kit
  • Left front footrest and mounting parts
  • Gearchange pin and rubber
  • Flat cluster instrument panel – black
  • ASV F3 Series Brake and Clutch Levers – Black
  • Bonneville Performance Oil Cooler upgrade
  • Sidi On Road Gore-Tex Motorcycle Boots

December 19, 2013 Update – One Month After Accident

I went out to the garage today (exactly one month after my accident) and started up the Bonnie after it had been sitting for a number of weeks after the accident. Still sounds good!

I also removed the side covers, bar end mirrors and the broken shift lever… all with my cast and on my crutches!


Start up on December 19, 2013

December 21, 2013 Update

I went out to “Randy’s Garage” for a couple hours today and did some basic work on my Bonneville. In my garage I have a tall wooden stool and a short “creeper seat” that enable me to get around and support myself in my current condition with crutches and a cast on my left ankle.


Creeper style seat – Mine says “Craftsman” on it.

With these helpers, I was able to complete a number of small tasks:

  • Start and let the Bonnie run for awhile. The EarthX Lithium battery is performing phenomenally! It has not needed any charging help whatsoever.
  • Remove the front sprocket cover
  • Remove the chain guard
  • Remove the Joker Machine folding bar-end mirrors
  • Lubricate the chain
  • Remove the side covers – including the left side damaged one.
  • Remove the gear shift lever – damaged from the accident
  • Remove the remaining clips and parts from the left side foot rest/peg
  • Remove the Superbrace fork brace
  • Remove the stock front fender and chrome stays

Then I was able to use a backpack to carry a number of parts and tools into my house to my basement workshop area.


Chain guard, bar-end mirrors, gear shift lever,  front sprocket cover and fender.

I have my basement workshop setup to start playing around with some modification ideas.

Front Sprocket Cover Modification Ideas

I was able to test my angle grinder on grinding out the excess aluminum in my front sprocket cover like this:


Stock front sprocket cover inside – Photo by D9 on


Aluminum bosses ground down – Photo by D9 on

The answer to my test is yes… it works! So, I am thinking of modifying the front sprocket cover inspired by some of these ideas:


Front sprocket cover modification idea 1


Front sprocket cover modification idea 2

Chain Guard Modification Ideas

Here are some ideas of what I might do to the chain guard as well.


Modified chain guard – Photo by bonnieblktrk on


Modified chain guard – Photo by bonnieblktrk on


Found this idea on eBay.

Gear Shift Lever Modification Idea

I will be able to polish my stock gear shift lever back into useable shape. In the process I am considering making some modifications to align with the front sprocket cover modifications. I found this idea that I like on


Gear shift lever modification – photo by Gina1 on

If I do something like this, I may well mimic it on the rear brake foot lever on the right side of the Bonnie, similar to the one in the right side photo above by D9.

Bobbed Front Fender Ideas

I am also considering bobbing my front fender. It was damaged a little in the accident, plus, the new Brembo front brake upgrade kit will require me to not use the lower stock chrome fender stay. So, I am thinking I will do something in between the stock fender look, and the much shorter Thruxton look.


A little Photoshop magic to visualize a bobbed stock front fender with no chrome stays.

I am pretty confident that this length will be supported enough by the stock 4 bolts that hold the fender on just below where the gaiters are in the photo above.

January 2, 2014 Update

Nothing much more exciting than seeing those brown boxes from various motorcycle suppliers on my porch when I get home from work! Today’s box was from New Bonneville containing the new SBT Sport Dominator exhausts, and the Brembo front brake upgrade kit.


South Bay Triumph Sport Dominator Exhausts in Ceramic Black


Brembo 4-piston caliper, mounting bracket and full-floating rotor kit.


Yet to arrive is the black flat instrument panel from British Customs