After installing lower handle bars on this vintage machine, I decided to also go for bar-end mirrors instead of the stock “rabbit ears” style mirrors. I am very used to bar end style mirrors since I replaced the OEM mirrors on my 2008 Bonneville with Joker Machine 2 1/4″ folding bar end mirrors.

I did some online searching and purchased a set of chrome Napoleon-style mirrors from Michael Selman at Bella Corse for $84.94 (incl. tax and shipping).

Napoleon Bar End Mirrors

Napoleon Bar End Mirrors from Bella Corse

I will update this post with my experience installing these mirrors probably after this coming weekend of April 6, 2013, and then again after using them for awhile.

Here is the current look of the 1976 Bonnie with no mirrors and lower bars.

1976 Bonnie with lower bars and no mirrors.

1976 Bonnie with lower bars and no mirrors.

April 6, 2013 Update

OK, so I installed the Napoleon style bar end mirrors today. Here’s how they look.

Left Mirror

Left Mirror


Right Mirror


Both Napoleon style mirrors mounted and adjusted.

I’d have to say that I like how they look, although I am not overly impressed with the quality of the mirrors.