SideNav is a personal blog site all about my experience owning, modifying and riding a 2008 Triumph Bonneville and more recently a 2012 Thruxton. I share about my experiences with various after market products, do-it-yourself garage modifications, following professional and ameteur flat track and road moto racing, longer road trips and shorter rides!

I purchased my first Bonneville in 2008 and have been riding and wrenching on this carbureted British Twin machine ever since, putting on over 10,000 miles per year. I purchased an EFI 2012 Thruxton in October of 2014 and have put on about 3,500 miles.

The blog contains my personal experiences, practical how-to’s, and things to avoid based upon my experience with these motorcycles. It includes my personal story of surviving a motorcycle accident in 2013 with only a broken ankle (thankfully), my physical recovery, repairs and modifications to the Bonneville, and riding again.

  • Vintage Motorcycle Photographs

    History of Triumph Motorcycles Video

    Found this great YouTube video on the early history of the Triumph Motorcycle. It features Jeff Stone of “Men and Motors” at the National Motorcycle Museum in Pickenham, UK, giving us a history of the great British brand including the first 1902 Triumph. Enjoy!


Chicagoland Speedway Nascar Truck Race

I’ve always enjoyed watching Nascar racing on TV whenever I had the chance, and every once in awhile I’d see they had a truck series. I have an associate at work who is really much more seriously into Nascar, who told me that a big weekend was coming up at the Chicagoland Speedway, a newer […]

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Randy Rides to Work

Here’s a GoPro video of a typical ride to work for me… happens year round an average of at least 3 times a week which translates to at least 3,000 miles/year. With the other trips and rides I take it gets me up to 10K average miles per year since I bought my first Bonneville […]

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D9 Bonneville Brackets Installation for the 2012 Thruxton

It’s always a good day when you come home from work and see a package from D9 Bonneville Brackets waiting for you on the porch! I had ordered a lay flat ignition relocation bracket in black, and 2 black instrument cups from D9 Bonneville Brackets several weeks ago. I had also already turned the Triumph […]

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Bucket List Item

This map on Facebook caught my attention this morning. It was generated by a doctoral student at Michigan State named Randy Olsen, who came up with a computer algorithm to find the most efficient route between 50 landmarks in all 48 contiguous states. The article behind the map states that it would take at least 2 months […]

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Triumph Salt Racer

I ran across this very cool project and blog this weekend and just thought I would share it with all of you fellow Triumph Bonneville enthusiasts. The project is called Triumph Salt Racer, and it consists of designing and building a modified 2008 Thruxton that they plan to run at Lake Gairdner in south Australia this […]

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Mama Tried Motorcycle Show

Start of Day I took an Uber-X cab to Vosges Chocolate on the north side of Chicago on a cold Sunday morning, February 22, 2015. There I met about a hundred other motorcycle enthusiasts to board 2 chartered buses heading to the Mama Tried Motorcycle show in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This ride event was organized by […]

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